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Is your Dental Clinic HIV/Hepatitis Free?

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis — by the time people know the disease has gripped them it is too late. Both the diseases exhibit first signs five years down the line from when the person gets afflicted, mostly. It is too long a time to forget what actually caused it. Among the many possibilities could be the visit to the dentist. Well, maybe.

Dental clinics are a place where chances of acquiring HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis are very high. The instruments that are used are potential weapons to transmit the disease, if not properly sterilize

d. A place you visit for ensuring good oral health might just leave you with deadly HIV or Hepatitis, putting your life at major risk

Smiles Central follows & adheres to 'Zero Tolerance' policy for Infection Prevention & Control. Our Instruments are sterilized by state of the art B-Class Automatic Autoclave & cross checked with Spore Test which is routinely monitored by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention USA)

So, at Smiles Central you are sure to be safe from acquiring infections & smile wide.


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