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Smiles Central Community Service


Community Outreach

Smiles Central is committed to bringing dental care of the highest quality to all, including those who lack access to safe dental care and the means to pay for it.

Ranchi Chutia Dental Camp

Dental Camps For The Needy


Smiles Central hosts dental camps that are organized in partnership with local non-profit organizations. We provide much-needed checkups and free basic treatments for those who lack access to quality dental services.

Donate a Smile :)


Smiles Central serves elderly people at various old age homes at Ranchi and provide them with free dentures and medicines on a regular basis. We also encourage people in the community to sponsor dental treatments at various old age homes.

Ranchi Free Dental Checkup
Dr. Akash Prasad News
Dr. Akash Prasad Award
Dr. Akash Prasad receiving award
Dental Camp
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